Results of our August Fundraiser: Thank you Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts!

The outpour of love and generosity was more than we expected during our August fundraiser for sweet baby Eddie.

His Mother was shocked and elated to hear the great news when we called to tell her how much we were able to raise! The funds raised will go toward supporting Eddie’s healing process. A check was made out to him and mailed to him today!

View  this video for a special message from Eddie’s Mom to those who donated.


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August 2013 Fund Raiser for Sweet Baby Eddie

Here is what Eddie’s Mom posted on his Facebook Fan page in response to our fund raiser video:

Dr Flores and EddieMonday 8/5/13:  “Eddie’s mamma here. Early day 48. I want to post this message as a sincere and true thanks to Dr. Yvette Flores, DPT. As some of you know, Eddie was born with severe congenital torticollis and plagiocephaly. He had to start intense physical therapy at 6 weeks old, and went through 4 cranial bands to help support his cranial bone growth and alignment. Dr. Yvette Flores was a godsend. She has such a gift for working with kids and was amazing with Eddie. He actually had recently “graduated” from the torticollis recovery program in May. Dr. Flores is amazing, and if anybody needs a physical therapist, especially for your child, she is the only one I would recommend to anyone. This is a video of her, promoting a fundraising event for Eddie through her clinic. I just want to say thank you so much Yvette, from the bottom of my heart, not only for how much you have already done for Eddie since he was born, but how devoted you are in your prayers and support for what is going on after his tragic accident. This is a short video she made for her patients announcing a special fundraising event for Eddie during the month of August. She pointed out Eddie’s favorite toy he always wanted to play with, which was this toy police car, that we’d always have to use as our PT tool. Thank you Dr. Flores for what you have already done for my son, for your dedication to your work, and your passion for the children you work with. You will always be part of our family! And thank you so much for reaching out asking for help for Eddie during this horrible nightmare! We love you and can’t wait to visit when this is all over! I know Eddie will be looking for that police car toy, so you better have it ready! 😉 xo”

A message to patients of PT Solutions from Eddie’s Mom:

“This is the video that Dr. Yvette Flores posted about Eddie and helping to raise funds for his current needs…. if you are a patient of Dr. Flores’s and have been following Eddie’s story, please at least send prayers. You are not obliged to do anything above that, but if you feel called to help monetarily, then know that we are extremely grateful!! Just thank you for all your support, and thank you Dr. Flores for being a vehicle for the emotional and communal support we need right now! I truly love you Yvette!”

To follow Eddie’s updates, visit his Facebook page: PrayforSweetEddie or click below:

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