I sang with an 11 month old today!

I have to share this amazing experience I had today with an 11 month old patient of mine. Today we sang a song together while I was working with her doing physical therapy. This 11 month old does not say words but has proven to be able to create song. A few sessions back, I noticed that she would vocalize a unique tune over and over again to the point where her mom and I would join in and sing along. I didn’t think how significant this ability of hers is until today. Today she wasn’t participating well with the traditional nursery rhymes that I usually sing to engage participation. I then decided to sing ‘her’ tune and when I did, I was extremely surprised at her reaction. It was obvious that she recognized “her song” as she started smiling, singing along and participating better with her therapy. How amazing! It was a blessing for me to experience this today because I grew up singing and singing is a deep passion of mine. 🙂

How cool to see this unique gift develop so early even before the development of speech…… I was truly blown away and wanted to share my experience. I love that I can be inspired by experiences and moments I have with my pediatric patients….


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