Introducing New Baby Wellness Classes!

Parents and Babies Love It!

If you want your baby to reach all expected milestones, have healthy body symmetry, core/muscle strength, and if you would like to be on top of what to expect during the first 12 months of your child’s growth and development, this class/support group is for you!

Join our Baby Wellness Class to see immediate results, reach milestones quickly and safely, learn fun exercises with mom and dad, and discuss new topics with other parents each week. Designed by a licensed physical therapist, this 50-60 minute class/support group includes a physical screen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, age-appropriate classes and exercise activities, music sing-a-long and dance time, muscle balancing, and core strengthening activities.

Register for your spot today! Space is limited (only 6 children per class). Call 800-507-2634 for more information and for directions to our location.

Mention this post and your first class is FREE!

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Physical Therapy Programs & Wellness Programs: Solutions for New Parents wanting to be Pain-Free and Injury-Free

Parents of infants and toddlers are always lifting and carrying car seats, strollers, and especially their young ones various times during any given day.

Without proper counterbalance measures (specific exercises to reduce muscle cramping, muscle tightness, and tendonitis), all parents are at risk for developing some muscle soreness or even pain during the first 3 years of their child’s life.

At Physical Therapy Solutions, we created specialized physical therapy programs for those experiencing pain, injury or muscle weakness that haven’t gone away as expected. These programs are designed to quickly reduce the pain, quickly heal the injury and quickly increase muscle strength so that this doesn’t become a repetitive problem for the parent. We all know that parents have so much on their plate already that having to baby a shoulder, a low back or even a wrist that keeps getting irritated with use, is frustrating. Within 4 to 8 sessions of physical therapy, we can significantly get you to a better place, where you may even feel better or stronger than before your injury.

If your situation isn’t severe enough that you feel like you need to do physical therapy, we offer Wellness Programs designed to take you through ‘Counter-Balance’ exercises for the purpose of improving muscle balance, muscle flexibility and muscle strength. Our Wellness exercise programs teach you what you should be doing at home, to prevent pain, injury or weakness. Our Wellness treatment programs include myofacial release massages, use of Biofreeze gel and even treatment sessions with the 830 cold laser. 

We are in the process of finalizing the details of our ‘Mommy Wellness’ programs, to be available January 2012. These programs will include all of the above in addition to Body Composition tracking, nutritional advice over group breakfast sessions, and a SPA DAY at the end of the 12 week Wellness Program, to celebrate accomplishing your goals.

For more information, stop by our clinic today! Also ask to receive a FREE SAMPLE of Biofreeze: a practical solutions for reducing muscle aches/pains. 

                            For more information on Biofreeze, click the link below:

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Thank You to all the Mom’s of little ones we work with

Why We LOVE Moms:
On behalf of Physical Therapy Solutions, I just want to thank all the wonderful mommies that we’ve gotten to meet and grown to love over the years. We’ve had many moms share valuable tips, tricks, promotions, etc. We’ve also had moms donate no longer used toys, books wall decals, etc. We also had a Grandmother of a baby we worked with sew rice bag pillow cases, which have become such a hit at the clinic that parents have asked where can they buy them! Just yesterday, we had a Mom donate $500 to our children’s scholarship fund! This fund is used to help those undergoing financial hardship who need physical therapy or wellness services. Look out for an newsletter I will post spotlighting this incredibly generous Mom!! Lastly, Moms truly are what makes the world go round…. so many have referred other Moms and little ones to us and for this, we are utterly grateful.

Why We LOVE helping Moms & Families:
We love the unique work that we do: helping little ones achieve their potential, teaching parents how to guide their growth and development, and acknowledging parents on doing an amazing job with their child. We love that we are a family clinic- also taking care of Moms and Dads who have developed body aches and pains as they have devoted themselves to their child many a sleepless night and many a time where an arm would go numb from carrying their child. Trust me, your selfless acts do not go unnoticed!

What we have created just for Moms:
Over the past month, my team and I have met regularly to put together services to offer just for Moms!!! We are so excited to be in the final stages of wrapping up the details for these special programs and will be promoting them soon. What we’ve done was take note on what Moms go through after birth and the changes their body goes through for the first 6 months after giving birth. Studies show that participating in a 12 week exercise program accelerates the body’s potential to return to a stable, strong and toned state AND reduces risk for post-partum depression. The programs we have created involve a 12 week exercise component, designed to be completed with other Moms in similar situations, and includes incredible perks: massages, breakfasts and at the very end of the program, a trip to an amazing spa! During the 12 week program, we will track your progress via pre and post body measurements to ensure successful weight loss, core strength, pelvic strength and body strength. After the program, you will be independent with a home exercise program, have the body strength to care for your baby without having any body aches and pains of your own, and be empowered to continue caring for yourself without compromising caring for your child.

Does this sound awesome or what?!!

I would love feedback from all the Moms with newborns and toddlers.
I would like to know what other perks and indulgences you would like to see included in a program like ours. Your opinion is valuable and will be considered. Please email your thoughts and ideas to me at

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Physical Therapy Solutions Winter Classes

Physical Therapy Solutions Winter Classes

Ty’s Stretch Class-

This one hour class focuses on stretching techniques that help shape and strengthen muscles in the body.This class has many exercises inspired by dance, yoga and physical therapy that can be done to increase your range of motion.

$20 Per single class
4 Pack = $17/ Class
8 Pack = $15/ Class
12 Pack = $12/ Class

Women’s Core Empowerment w/ Dr. Flores-

Taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, this one hour class focuses on addressing common challenges specific to women such as back pain, neck & shoulder fatigue, abdominal weakness especially due to childbirth, and other challenges associated with weak core muscles.

$50 Per Single Class
4 Pack = $40/ Class
8 Pack = $30/ Class
12 pack =$25/ Class

Baby Fitness/Tummy Time w/ Dr. Flores-

Tummy time is the most important position to strengthen head & neck muscles, shoulder, hip and core stabilizers. This 45 minute class is for those that don’t like tummy time, between the ages of 2 months to 12 months and is taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

$50 Per Single Class
4 Pack = $40/ Class
8 Pack = $30/ Class
12 pack =$25/ Class

Say Goodbye to Back Pain Class w/ Dr. Flores

$15 Per Single Class
* This class is complimentary if you are an existing patient

In this one-hour class you will learn pain-free sitting, standing and working postures, specialized stretching techniques and simple strengthening exercises, all designed to reduce pain and keep it away. Dr. Flores will combine her expertise and experience to show you how to properly alleviate stress so you can finally say goodbye to back pain!

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