Clear helmets now available

Have you seen them?

We have 2 patients that came in with these new clear helmets for the first time this month.

The coolest part about the helmet is that it really is see through! And parents say the head doesn’t get too sweaty or smelly compared to when wearing the foam ones.

The biggest drawback: they are wayyyy too heavy. If a child has unresolved congenital muscular torticollis and wears one of these things, their head tilt could get worse. Also it makes it more difficult to lift the head during tummy time.

I’m curious to know your thoughts and experiences.

Obviously the ideal way to correct a flat spot is through physical therapy and respositioning. The goal is to resolve the root cause before the helmet comes off!  Otherwise you might be looking at needing a 2nd or 3rd helmet….


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Parent Testimonial Just In: Another Baby Successfully Avoids the Helmet!

“No helmet for my baby! I’m a mother of 3 (all 5 yrs old and under) and my first two girls had a perfect head shape so its not something I ever worried about. But, then baby #3 came and all of sudden I noticed the back of his head skewed. I asked the pediatrician and she told me just to do one stretch and have him sleep on the opposite side. It did help a little but then He ended up with a flat spot that was getting worse. I was getting worried because I didn’t want him to wear the helmet like the doctor was saying he may need.
I did some research online and found a video on YouTube. It was Dr. Flores talking about how they can help to avoid the helmet!
I was certain I was led to this video and I was certain this was going to work. I was totally surprised that we lived nearby! Thankfully! So, I made an appointment for my son, at the time he was 3 months already! I was all set to totally pay whatever because I was certain our insurance wasn’t going to be covered since I had called and asked. But, the front desk was SOOOOO awesome. Jessica called and found out that my son WAS covered! Anyway, we saw Dr. Ko, the loveliest doctor I’ve ever encountered.
My son was given stretches to do, tummy time and sleeping aids to use. It was alot of work, but like I said I was able to do it with 3 kids. I have help of course but when the older ones were sleeping I spent a lot of time with my baby and working him out! 
He went from having a tilt and a major flatspot to fully recovered. It was amazing!
You definitely have to put your time in if you want it to work. It’s up to you to follow doctor’s orders. I can see how easily it would be just to give up and get the helmet. But, if you’re like me and want to avoid that, definitely come here. The sooner the better! Don’t wait, seriously, don’t wait. My son is a success for sure.
I owe the wonderful team here a big Thank You! They did change my son’s life and mine. I no longer have that worry!”

Wendy C., Beverly Hills, 1/26/15

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Free Helmet Decoration Idea!



ImageWe always try to help families avoid the need for helmet therapy but occasionally, time becomes our challenge.  If and when the decision is made to get the helmet, we are prepared to help make the transition as smooth as possible with no set backs in the child’s physical therapy progress.

A Mom shared with us a very clever and neat decorating idea that I have never seen before, and I love it!

A company called is offering to ‘wrap’ helmets for free!  It’s their way of giving back to the community and supporting children.  I love it!

You will need to visit their website and schedule an appointment at their nearest location, which is in Hermosa Beach.  Make sure you tell them you want the 3V graphics wrap for the helmet.

As you can see, they have some amazing creative designs! 

If you decide to get one, please share a photo so we can post it!


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New York Times Announces Helmets Don’t Resolve Head Flattening in Babies

newborn with flat head

Today, the New York Times announced helmets don’t resolve head flattening. Yikes! And they cost around $4,000 to boot! Here’s the article.

I just published a Kindle book about how to avoid flat spots for babies, preventing surgery and permanent facial distortion. It teaches parents like you how to prevent permanent changes and minimize the need for expensive helmet therapy. So far, these refined techniques show a 100% rate of success with over 10,000 babies.

If you or your friends want to learn how you can help avoid flat head, you can click here to go to Amazon and get the Kindle book or visit for free resources and guidance.

Thank you for helping to spread the word! Please forward to those with babies and professionals who work with mamas/babies.

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11 month old completed healed from Torticollis Treatment!

It is NEVER too late to seek treatment for Torticollis. This woman brought her daughter into Physical Therapy Solutions after doctors told her it was probably too late to see any positive results. Even though it was a 45 minute drive from her home, she was fully committed to her child’s treatment program. After only a few months of a physical therapy program, her 11month old daughter has fully healed from Torticollis treatment. For more information on our health programs, call us at (800) 507-2634, or visit us at

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5 Healthy Alternatives for Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween

5 Healthy Alternatives for Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween

Written by Lisa Axelrad, Certified Nutrition Counselor and Fitness Specialist

As more and more research continues to be released about the dangers and major downfalls of overloading our children with added sugars and processed ingredients, Halloween always becomes a bit of an obstacle. Many of us still want to make the holiday just as fun for our children and community, but how do we do that without having to succumb to the pressures of giving out sugar-filled, calorie packed, Halloween baskets?!

Here’s a quick list of 5 Halloween Basket Treats that will leave kids happy and satisfied:

1)   Magic Straws

One proven way to get kids to drink their milk is to flavor it, but regular flavored milk can be packed with added sugars. Got Milk? Magic Straws comes in many great flavors and transform plain milk to flavored with just 1 tsp (17 calories) per straw. Magic Milk Straws are a fun, mess-free way to enjoy a cold glass of milk. The rich, all-natural cocoa, strawberry, vanilla and cookies and cream flavored milk straws magically transform milk into a delicious (and nutritious!) treat.

2)   Healthy Squeezers

Look for fruit-based options that have kid appeal, too. Fruit Squeezers by Nature’s Child that feature kid cartoons on each package, like Dora and SpongeBob, and are made from 100-percent fruit without any added sugars. Each pouch has 60 calories, is a good source of vitamin C and counts as a fruit serving.

  3)   Halloween-themed Toys

The best treat yet: Toys! According to a study done by Yale University* children are just as excited to get toys on Halloween as they are about candy. Scary stickers, temporary tattoos and glow sticks are just a few ideas of some fun basket stuffers that kids would love on Halloween.

4)   TrailMix

Nuts are a great snack to keep tiny tummies satisfied with the fiber and protein they provide. Since nuts are high in calories, look for the single-serve packages that keep calories in check. For example, Trader Joe’s offers individual packs on Omega Trail Mix, offering tons of nutrients in an easy-to-eat packet of trail mix ingredients.

5) RABARimages-1

At first glance, these on-the-go snack bars are definitely high in sugar. But the important thing is they are packed with all natural sugars from natural food sources. Apple Pie, Banana Bread and Pumpkin Pie are all great, delicious flavors of the season, and they come in lots of exciting colors.

For more information on how to keep a healthy lifestyle with our top Wellness Professionals, give us a call at (800) 507-2634 for you Complimentary Nutrition Screening! Have a Healthy and Safe Halloween!

Visit us online at: and

*Source: Schwartz, MB. “Trick, treat or toy: Children are just as likely to choose toys as candy on Halloween.” Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 2003 Jul-Aug.

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CBS News Covers Plagiocephaly and Features PT Solutions’ Pediatric Specialist, Dr. Yvette Flores, PT, DPT, CSCS

This Tuesday, April 30th at 11pm on CBS 2, news reporter Kristine Lazar will be covering the topic of plagiocephaly. This segment features Dr. Flores and a few of our patients and we wanted to make sure you all had the opportunity to tune in!

Feel free to share this useful information with other new parents to help spread awareness of how to prevent plagiocephaly in newborns. If you happen to miss it, don’t worry. The segment will be archived at the following day.

Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

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Back to School Donation Drive

Back to School Donation Drive

Donations accepted now through November 1, 2012.

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Introducing New Baby Wellness Classes!

Parents and Babies Love It!

If you want your baby to reach all expected milestones, have healthy body symmetry, core/muscle strength, and if you would like to be on top of what to expect during the first 12 months of your child’s growth and development, this class/support group is for you!

Join our Baby Wellness Class to see immediate results, reach milestones quickly and safely, learn fun exercises with mom and dad, and discuss new topics with other parents each week. Designed by a licensed physical therapist, this 50-60 minute class/support group includes a physical screen by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, age-appropriate classes and exercise activities, music sing-a-long and dance time, muscle balancing, and core strengthening activities.

Register for your spot today! Space is limited (only 6 children per class). Call 800-507-2634 for more information and for directions to our location.

Mention this post and your first class is FREE!

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Be Safe Trick or Treating on Halloween!

If you are planning on taking your children trick or treating this Monday evening, view this flyer for important safety tips and share this with other families.  Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Halloween Safety Tips: PDF version

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