Mom in Caymen Islands find success consulting w/ Dr Flores re: Flat Head Syndrome

We are elated to know we can make a difference in the lives of little ones- EVEN if they live on the other side of the world!

Dr Flores has made herself available for skype consultations with those that do not have access to specialists in the field of preventing and correcting flat head syndrome, aka positional plagiocephaly.  She has consulted with parents all over the U.S. and other countries including Luxenberg, Saudi Arabia and now the Caymen Islands!

Since her interview with CBS on Flat Head Syndrome and the release of her first book entitled ‘How to Avoid Flat Head & Delays in Baby’s First Year’, Dr Flores has proven to be one of the top experts on effective, safe and holistic techniques that prevent and correct malformed head shapes in infants while also improving upon the root cause of the head flattening.

Here is what a Mom in the Caymen Islands had to say about consulting with Dr Flores:

Physical Therapy Solutions deserves seven stars as far as we’re concerned! When my daughter was diagnosed by her paediatrician as having flat head syndrome I started combing the internet for information to educate us on what we could do to help her. This lead to finding a YouTube video in which Dr. Flores spoke about the issue. Noting her expertise from the video I looked up her practice and contacted them for an appointment.

However, there was once slight issue…we are in the Cayman Islands and they are in Santa Monica California. I decided to get in touch anyway to see if we could do a computer video conference via Skype. I was elated when they confirmed that they indeed could work with us via Skype.

The consultation was completed and with the advice and exercises suggested by Dr. Flores, our daughter is almost fully recovered from Flat Head Syndrome and Torticollis by our followup appointment just one month later. We are so thankful for Dr. Flores and her practice. Do not hesitate to contact them even if you’re on the other side of the world!Moms do everything for their child!

Dr Yvette Flores is offering video assistance to parents who are lacking resources in their area.  Download the FREE questionnaire the Dr Flores feels parents should share with their child’s pediatrician:

“The 10 Questions Every Parent Must Ask their Baby’s Pediatrician Right Away”

You can get your free copy at

To schedule a video session with Dr Flores, contact us directly from our website at or call us at 800-507-2634.  We are here to help!

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Parent Testimonial of the Day!

“Muchas gracias a la Doctora Flores y atodo el personal que le dio un trato espectacular a mi sobrina. Y por su puesto que sin pensarlo los recomendaria. Gracias.” – N. Sims, Los Angeles

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It is rewarding helping Mom’s and their babies with PT!

Here is what a Mom recently posted about us on Yelp:

“The highly noted Dr Graham (out of Cedar Sinai) recommended PTSolutions when he examined my son at 2 months and found a moderate-severe Torticollis. I called PTSolutions that very day and they got me in immediately. Dr. Flores recommended a twice weekly program plus exercises at home. She worked with my son regularly over the next several months and his Torticollis went away. He still had to wear the helmut but when I went back to Dr. Graham he was exceptionally impressed with the work Dr. Flores had accomplished and that the Torticollis was gone! My son LOVES Dr. Flores. He was always happy to be at PTS and always comfortable with the very helpful staff!

BTW – I liked how much Dr. Flores was invested in helping my son that I asked her to look at me and my neck/shoulder issues. She set up a program for me and has dramatically helped me improve my strength and ability to lift my son. A miracle after all the other failed physically therapy places I’d been.

This is a highly professional facility that is INVESTED in YOUR recovery! My highest recommendations and a heartfelt thank you to this great place!” Alex. S. West Hollywood, CA

We strive for moments like this, impacting the lives of families on a daily basis. What a joy!

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Twin baby success with PT for motor delays and torticollis

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Baby just completed physical therapy today!

As a new mom, there are things that can overwhelm you sometimes especially if it concerns your newborn baby. Every baby is unique and every experience is unique for every mom and Dr. Flores helped me understand how activities are so important for your newborn, and how your baby’s development can be improved with simple exercises. My baby loves the activities Dr. Flores has taught us and I can’t wait to see him crawl. Thank you.


This baby was brought to us about 4 months ago with mild torticollis. Within only six sessions and a comprehensive home program, this baby was able to be discharged with a normal tilt and no flatness on his head. It is quite remarkable to the see the fast results and significant improvement a baby can show with just the right amount of support and tools to succeed. We pride ourselves of not only giving the best care and programs we can, but also making sure moms and families are comfortable with doing exercises at home that will benefit the success of their babies.

If you or someone you know needs physical therapy and are not sure what they should do, please contact Physical Therapy Solutions and inquire about our special programs. Our goal is to make sure families are reaching their goals and finding success in the treatment programs we provide. Call (800) 507-2634 and ask about our free massage referral voucher!

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Patient Testimonial:

When I first brought my daughter in, I never thought that we would have such a great doctor. Dr. Flores is such a sweet, patient and amazing doctor. My Daughter absolutely loves her. My daughter has greatly improved her neck, tilt and muscle strain and physical appearance as a result of our appointments with Dr.Flores. She also taught me how to do exercises with her and how to do them while keeping my baby happy. I will recommend her to nannies, teachers and other families I know. The front office staff always greeted me and the babies with sincere friendliness. I can tell that they really love and care about children. They were always sweet girls and very helpful to me when making appointments. Everything was great!


Here is just another great example of a satisfied family that Physical Therapy Solutions was able to help. From the front office staff to the doctors you work with, you are guaranteed to feel our concern and willingness to help our patients achieve their goals. If anyone you know is experiencing pain or needs treatments or an assessment, contact us and see what we can do for you. Anytime we discharge a baby or patient, it is always a success story because we know we can make a difference.

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Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Flores has been so helpful with Angel. Angel can now be more active like his twin brother. Before we came to Dr. Flores, our son was not able to move around. He would just sit there and he had problems looking to the right. Now after physical therapy, he can move around and look both ways. She has taught me that playing with my children can help them with their development. The girls in the front office were so nice to us every time we came in!


This baby was brought to us with CMT. With the right programs and dedication, we were able to successfully get him up to speed.

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Another baby success story!

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7.5 month old with resolved torticollis

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830 cold laser: helps resolve fibrotic mass in infant neck

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