Parent Testimonial Just In: Another Baby Successfully Avoids the Helmet!

“No helmet for my baby! I’m a mother of 3 (all 5 yrs old and under) and my first two girls had a perfect head shape so its not something I ever worried about. But, then baby #3 came and all of sudden I noticed the back of his head skewed. I asked the pediatrician and she told me just to do one stretch and have him sleep on the opposite side. It did help a little but then He ended up with a flat spot that was getting worse. I was getting worried because I didn’t want him to wear the helmet like the doctor was saying he may need.
I did some research online and found a video on YouTube. It was Dr. Flores talking about how they can help to avoid the helmet!
I was certain I was led to this video and I was certain this was going to work. I was totally surprised that we lived nearby! Thankfully! So, I made an appointment for my son, at the time he was 3 months already! I was all set to totally pay whatever because I was certain our insurance wasn’t going to be covered since I had called and asked. But, the front desk was SOOOOO awesome. Jessica called and found out that my son WAS covered! Anyway, we saw Dr. Ko, the loveliest doctor I’ve ever encountered.
My son was given stretches to do, tummy time and sleeping aids to use. It was alot of work, but like I said I was able to do it with 3 kids. I have help of course but when the older ones were sleeping I spent a lot of time with my baby and working him out! 
He went from having a tilt and a major flatspot to fully recovered. It was amazing!
You definitely have to put your time in if you want it to work. It’s up to you to follow doctor’s orders. I can see how easily it would be just to give up and get the helmet. But, if you’re like me and want to avoid that, definitely come here. The sooner the better! Don’t wait, seriously, don’t wait. My son is a success for sure.
I owe the wonderful team here a big Thank You! They did change my son’s life and mine. I no longer have that worry!”

Wendy C., Beverly Hills, 1/26/15


February 14, 2015. Uncategorized.

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